Kısır – Turkish Bulgur Wheat Salad

What Is Kısır? Kısır is created from the fine wheat (cracked wheat). once we’ve written concerning alternative Turkish meze recipes, we’ve little doubt aforementioned a selected dish may be a favorite – urban center Usulü Piyaz, or spicy Antep Ezmesi, for example – well, we’ll simply ought to have over one favorite as a result of each people love kısır. We each have recipes that we have a tendency to take hold of in our house – our room extremely isn’t sufficiently big for the 2 people thus it’s a system that works well – and kısır is that the one I continually like to create. I continually create a ridiculous quantity as a result of, once we start creating a feast of meze dishes, it’s sometimes within the hope of filling a military of friends we’ve cajoled on for a barbecue. and also the issue is with kısır, even though there square measure leftovers, it lasts within the electric refrigerator for a couple of days thus we have a tendency to continually get through it and we’re still sorry once it’s gone. We 1st found kısır in Turkish formula books however whenever I created it, I wasn’t extremely keen on the end result. we have a tendency to each love wheat however the kısır was ne’er quite to our style. Of course, over the years, we’ve asked around, seen a lot of recipes and – like various alternative Turkish recipes – we’ve discovered it’s created otherwise in numerous regions of Turkey. East Turkey Kısır The version I had been creating within the time period was a kısır from East Turkey wherever a rather giant dose of salça (tomato paste) may be a a part of the mixture – and it wasn’t a very smart magnitude relation for our tastebuds. (We ought to say at now that Mozaik Bahçe eating house in Fethiye concentrate on food from the Hatay region of Turkey and that they serve kısır created the East Turkey method – theirs is utterly lovely; i used to be clearly doing one thing wrong!) Our Turkish Kısır formula And so this is often the version I create currently. It’s a a lot of West Turkey version and that we love the flavours in it. one among those flavours is nar ekşisi (a bitter pomegranate sauce) however don’t be suspend if you haven’t got access to that; a decent dose of sourish recent juice is okay. Nar Ekşisi If you’re in Turkey, you’ll be able to get nar ekşisi from the grocery, native retailers or the markets – and if you’re lucky enough to understand somebody World Health Organization makes it; wonderful! There’s nothing like homespun epicurean goodies! I conjointly alternate between fixings (domates salçası) and red pepper paste (biber salçası) reckoning on mood. fixings is slightly richer and sweeter however incorporates a a lot of dense texture, whereas biber salçası is lighter and a lot of loose in texture. Kısır – Turkish Bulgur Wheat Salad Recipe type: Meze Cuisine: Turkish Serves: 4-6 Prep time: 30 mins Total time: 30 mins A light wheat dish good for summer and packed with zingy flavor Ingredients one (coffee) mug of fine wheat 2 tomatoes, deseeded and remove little chunks one bunch of spring onions, trimmed, clean and cut into little items 1 cucumber, centre removed and finely cut one red bush pepper, deseeded and cut into little items ½ bunch flat leaf parsley, stems removed and finely cut two afters spoonfuls of tomato or red pepper paste two tablespoonfuls vegetable oil one containerful nar ekşisi Juice of 0.5 recent lemon one containerful dried mint one pinch of salt Instructions Pour the wheat into a bowl (the wheat berry can expand thus ensure the raw wheat berry solely fills spherical 1/2 the bowl). Meanwhile, boil some water and dissolve the salça in two cupfuls of boiling water. Pour over the wheat and canopy tightly with a clean towel or textile for ten minutes approximately till the wheat goes soft throughout. Take an outsized serving bowl and add the onion, cut red pepper and cucumber. Check the wheat is soft, fork through it to fluff it up and augment the salads within the bowl. currently add the parsley. Add salt, mint and chili pepper flakes (chilli flakes square measure optional). combine it all at once. currently add the juice, nar ekşisi and vegetable oil and blend once more. simply before serving, combine within the tomato chunks. Notes Please note that each one nutritionary data is approximate values Nutrition data Serving size: half-dozen Servings Calories: 650 Fat: twenty nine g Carbohydrates: seventy one g Sugar: two g Fiber: seventeen g Protein: fifteen g Kısır goes very well with grilled meats – particularly lamb – and it’s a daily on our summer barbecue meze menu. Turkish individuals (and us) conjointly eat it as a snack on a bed of bifoliate lettuce…and we have a tendency to’ll admit to continually uptake a sneaky spoon whenever we come in the electric refrigerator.

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