Shahi Chicken Makhani

In the name of Makhani but there is no butter. Makhan will be the title, so its name was given by Shahi Chiken Makhani. And because the rosary is not eaten, it is not so. Shahan Shah Panna Kachit in food is rarely good. Meaning of middle-class stomach.. And it will be so easy to cook that one tuck. Let’s start however. Ingredients : To make Shahi Chicken Makhani cut the entire chicken into big pieces and cut the fourpies. And want to Talk yogurt – big two tablespoons. Keep it well. Ginger, Garlic Bread – Large spoon. Onion Kochi – one cup. Onion Bata – Acetate White oil – one spoon. Maroon oil – one tablespoon. Cumin, cardamom, cinnamon, bay leaf – to boil. Noon, red chilli bottle – good luck. Almond, Kaju – five, keep in the water. Then take the bet Cumin, coriander powder- one spoon Onion Beast and raisins refined, make one-spoon. Kashmiri chilli powder – one teaspoon. Cow’s milk-a cup. Cashew fenugreek leaves powder – one teaspoon. Ghee – one teaspoon. (If you want to). Instructions : To make Shahi Chicken Makhani, first make a couple of chicken merries, curd, cumin, garlic, salt, chilli, rice oil, coriander and cumin. Before making the merry, take a little leakage of chicken pieces with spines. Pour the chicken pies in aluminum foil and bribe the two backs a little. Heat the white oil in the pot and boil it. Sprinkle onion spices of bell pepper. If you have brown color, add chopped onion, remaining ginger, garlic, and stir from twenty to twenty seconds. Reduce the glaze and let it cook for two minutes. Mix the lid and mix the spices. Mix chicken pieces well. The pieces of meat are well spiced with sleeve. Let it cook for 10 minutes and let it cook. When the lid is mixed with milk, cover it again until the flesh is healthy. If the meat is boiled, add nuts, Kashmiri chilli powder, onion beaver and kismeesh bata. Mix all well and keep it for five minutes. After 5 minutes, open the lid and spread the fenugreek and ghee.

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